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Bettor Off Single   Ray's landmark dating-advice/PUA book, from the original internet pickup-artist guru! Ray was part of the original "Class of 1998" PUAs who would go on to form the now-(in)famous internet"seduction community." Many who "join" the community now do not realize that it is now dominated largely by internet marketers who did not create the original theory. If you're going to fight a war, you'll want to learn from a soldier, not someone who has just watched war movies and red history books.
Price and Probability   Win at the racetrack with Price And Probability (PAP), Ray's innovative, and proven profitable method for making power ratings, and converting those ratings into an accurate value line. Follow us for free sheets! Each order of Price And Probability: Volume I includes one year of "big day" PAP Sheets (Derby, Preakness, Belmont, Travers, and Breeders Cup). Want proof we win? Ask The IRS! (Disclaimer: horseplayers can always go broke!)
The Fine Art Of The Miniature   Win your chessgames in twenty-five moves or less! Ray spent four years training fulltime at chess, and now shares his unique opening playbook. A rated USCF expert at his peak, Ray excelled in openings, originally focusing on highly theoretical main lines, but in his aborted comeback in the early 2000s, he applied this knowledge to unchartered opening waters (e.g., Ponziani,, forcing the Maroczy Bind, or the "Fantasy" line of the Caro-Kan (3. f3). The result is a must-have single-volume opening-reference, whether you are looking for new ideas, or just don't wish to be surprised by them.

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